Yuma Artisans & Crafters
                                          Membership Information
Membership Dues $15.00 
Dues are  to be paid before the start of the show season. Membership in Yuma Artisans & Crafters gives you a reduced price for shows. Membership is not required to show with us. Below are the links for the membership application and the show registration forms. Forms are printable PDF documents.
We are currently full for the entire 2018-2019 seasons events! No membership forms are being accepted until further notice. New forms are being created and will be available when the 2019-2020 registration begins. An email notification will be sent out to all active members and participants with an email on file when forms are available. Please do not attempt to send in membership forms and event fees for the coming (2019-2020) season. If you are a new vendor interested in joining for next year, please Facebook message us or, contact Lou directly to be added to the email list for open enrollment.
Please Note: You must pay for the shows when you send in the application.  Any shows not paid for will be disregarded and you will not be listed as a vendor.  This is per our by-laws.
       Mail completed show application forms to:
                                Yuma Artisans and Crafters 
(Formerly: Yuma Potpourri Artists)
PO B0x 25232
Yuma, AZ 85367
(928) 919-6903 
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